On-Site Trainings

Hands-On Training In Our Santa Barbara Office

Stay up to date with the fast paced world of real estate regulations, laws and other industry changes. It is my job to know all the ins and outs of real estate and to stay informed of any changes to make sure you, my valued agents, are always as educated and professional as can be.

Here is an example of a training:

Revealed! NEW FORMS

  1. Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures requirements, disclosures and Stella Ling's advisements for pending sales
  2. Agent Commission Sharing Agreement (THIS is great for us. Use it whenever you have a one-time or long-term agreement for sharing sales - inside or outside BHHS.) It differs from the Referral form in significant ways. It specifies who does what, how expenses get paid and other terms.
  3. Buyer Early Occupancy Addendum (Early occupancy is NOT recommended, and this explains why.)
  4. Seller License to Remain in Possession (This REPLACES THE "SIP" form and clarifies that the seller doesn't become a "tenant" when staying in the house for a short time after close.)
  5. Option (To Buy) Agreement (Revised to clarify that the lease continues if the option is not exercised.)


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