Continued Education

Education To Keep You Ahead Of The Game

There is so much to learn in the world of real estate, from marketing to new trends to an endless list of regulations and laws. But don't let yourself feel overwhelmed. We've got you covered here in our offices, no matter if you have been in the business for a few years or are a well seasoned veteran. I hold educational workshops and trainings on a regular basis that make it easy to learn and continue furthering your skills and knowledge. Generally we have a unique training for you once a week.

An example training could look as followed:

"No More Confusion - Contingency For Sale of Buyer's Property"
The Contingency for Sale of Buyer Property, when used properly, opens the door to maximum communication.

    • Look at the pros and cons for buyers and pros and cons for sellers
    • Study how to write up at least three scenarios
    • Know when it just won't work so your buyer can go back to the drawing board
    • Come away knowing how to manage buyers' expectations of the process


More continued education examples:
  • New Forms, Common Mistakes Made by Veteran Agents
  • A) Liquidated Damages B) Dispute Resolution- Small Claims, Mediation, Arbitration


"I have been in a lot of Patty's training classes. She has an in-depth, well -rounded knowledge in a myriad of facets in the real estate field. She is able to take what she knows and share it with others in an understandable way. Patty never makes anyone feel they've asked a dumb question. She answers every question in-depth, with respect, ensuring everyone understands the answer before moving on. I have learned a lot from Patty, and look forward to learning much more in the years to come."
~Rhoda Johnson | Realtor