What Are YOU Struggling With?

Is there a specific problem you keep running into? Are you struggling with reaching your sales goals? Are you not quite happy with your current broker or office? Or maybe you just want to further your expertise in a specific area? 
Whatever it is that is on your mind I am happy to meet privately with you for a completely FREE and confidential consultation with no obligations. What's most important is what works best for you. 
Email me and tell me what you are struggling with or what your goals are. Let's talk! 

A Personalized Mentorship Program For New Agents

Are you new to the real estate world? If so you probably feel overwhelmed, because it IS overwhelming.
There is a lot to be learned and some important decisions need to be made.
But your biggest concern is actually getting started, getting your name out and scoring those first few sales.

As your personal mentor I am here to guide you through this process and all its aspects and challenges one-on-one.

This is offered as a FREE service to you through our BHHS Santa Barbara offices. Our offices understand that you need to get off the ground and everyone benefits in the long run. It really is an incredible offer.


"Right after I received my real estate license in August of 2015, I started to investigate and interview several brokers in Santa Barbara, to determine who I wanted to affiliate myself with. The last thing I wanted was to be thrown into the industry with no direction or support. Obviously one of my top concerns, was finding a broker/firm that would provide extensive and ongoing training. I feel so lucky to have walked into an open house one day and met Patty Schwartzkopf. We spoke for quite a while about my concerns and what I was looking for in a Broker. Not only does Berkshire Hathaway provide support through their administration staff and mentoring program, but as the Training Director, Patty offers comprehensive, in-depth weekly training geared towards all levels of experience, novice to veteran. In the ever changing world of real estate transactions, Patty makes sure that all agents are up to date and knowledgeable of new forms and state and local rules and regulations I know Patty is always available if I have a question or concern, or just need to bounce an idea off someone. Most importantly, Patty makes sure you have the tools to succeed."

~ Dale McCaskey, Realtor-Sales Associate

What Will You Receive Through Mentorship With Patty?

I have a personalized & dynamic approach.

I focus on three core areas to get you off the ground and set you up for long-term success.
For more details please go to the "Mentorship Offerings" section on the left.

  1. Coaching Your Strength

  2. Writing A Business Plan

  3. Getting To Your First Deal

Patty’s Qualifications As Your Mentor


  • Patty is the Regional Training Director
  • Benefit from over 25 years of experience as an agent and top producer as well as her experience as a office manager
  • She is readily available for you on-site
  • She is the Assistant Branch Manager
  • She is a passionate educator who truly cares for your success
To read the details on all of Patty’s qualifications and how they will benefit you please visit the section to the left.


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