Mentorship Offerings

What You Can Expect From Patty’s Mentorship Program

My mentorship program is extremely dynamic and personalized to every individual.
I focus on three core areas to ensure you will have a healthy start and are set-up for long-term success:



  1. Coaching Your Strength:
    It is important to know what you are best at, what sets you apart. It will lead you to become the best and most successful agent you could possibly be. We will work together on determining what that is for you as a realtor and strengthening those areas further so you can ultimately become the best version of yourself.

  2. Business Plan:
    Creating a business plan is vital! It ensures your success in developing a real estate business for yourself. A business plan provides you with a route to follow and helps you to stay on track. I will guide you along the creation of a business plan that is as unique as you.

  3. Getting to Your First Deal:
    It’s the first big milestone. It’s what you want more than anything right now, but it can also be scary and frustrating. Let me take the scariness and frustration out of it. I will work closely with you on making that first deal happen as quickly as possible and with my assistance you can feel confident that everything will be prepared properly and go smoothly.