Patty’s Qualifications

See Why Patty Is Made To Be Your Mentor


  • Patty is the Regional Training Director for BHHS Santa Barbara. This means she has a tremendous amount of experience coaching, training and mentoring. Through her role as training director she is at the fore front of the latest industry updates and is sure to educate you on the many changes that occur regularly.

  • Benefit from her experience and track record as top producer who averaged 30 sales for more than 11 years, with 25 years in the business overall. In addition to that she has valuable experience as an office manager.

  • Patty is on-site, which means she is here for you and she is just a walk down the hallway. Making the experience for you very personal and of course it is extremely convenient.

  • As the Assistant Branch Manager you can be confident that you are in the best hands with Patty. Not only is this a validation of her skills, she is in a unique position to give you valuable insights only she could give you and will have vast resources to lead you to your first deal and towards long-term success.

  • Not only is she a nurturing and passionate educator who truly cares for you to succeed, but as the assistant branch manager it is in her best interest from every angle.